1. Private Property - Members Only, Others Will Be Prosecuted

  2. Shooting Hours - 9am to Dusk, No Shooting After Dark

  3. Everyone must sign in and out

  4. Red flag must be displayed when range is in use

  5. Eye and ear protection mandatory

  6. No alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs allowed

  7. No bump or slide fire or repeating trigger actions allowed

  8. 2 persons recommended

  9. Be courteous, 1 firearm out at a time

  10. All firearms are to be unloaded and action open when range is "cold"

  11. No shooting into the ground, you must shoot into the berm

  12. Targets must be 4 feet high

  13. Pistol shooting on pistol range

  14. Rifle shooting on rifle range, 50 yds minimum

  15. The cartridge .50 BMG may not be shot at Xline Sportsmans Club

  16. Rifles (carbines) of handgun caliber may be used on pistol range

  17. Paper targets, plastic bottles only, clean up your mess

  18. No hunting, no armor piercing ammo, no explosive targets

  19. No shooting of glass, aerosol cans, tanks, etc.

  20. Clean up all brass and dispose of properly

  21. Remove and dispose of used targets - leave the range cleaner than you found it

  22. Anyone caught without a member will be prosecuted

  23. Safety is everyone's responsibility, be smart, shoot safe


Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction

Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

Keep the gun unloaded until ready to use

Know your target and whats behind it

Vandalism or destruction of Xline Sportsmans Club property may result in criminal prosecution.

Xline Rifle / Pistol Ranges and Pond are for Members and Members Guests Only, violaters will be prosecuted.    All Xline Sportsmans Club Property is monitored via CCTV cameras

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