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2nd Amendment Action

Preliminary Injunction Issued

Today, a federal judge for the Southern District of Illinois issued a preliminary injunction that blocks Illinois’ ban on more than 170 semi-automatic firearms and magazines over certain capacities. The law took effect on January 10, 2023, but shortly after, lawsuits were filed in state and federal court.

 “We want to thank Judge McGlynn for issuing his ruling today,” said Richard Pearson, Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association. “We have said from day one that this law is unconstitutional and infringes on the rights of legal firearm owners in our state. As the leader in protecting 2nd Amendment rights, we will not stop supporting our residents and their constitutional rights.”

 The full preliminary injunction can be found at this site.

There is a lot of concern both nationwide and especially in Illinois of our 2nd Amendment rights being threatened by misguided politicians. They seem to believe that the only way to prevent criminals from getting guns is by preventing law abiding citizens from getting them, we know that is wrong. We need to support the NRA, ISRA and also the GOA.

  • Link to join the NRA

  • Link to join the ISRA

  • Link to join the GOA

****Message from Kankakee County Sheriff to residents:

As your Sheriff, I wanted to give citizens of Kankakee County an update on the recent passage of HB 5471, also known as the Protect Illinois Communities Act. As your duly elected Sheriff my job and my office are sworn, in fact, to protect the citizens of Kankakee County. This is a job and responsibility that I take with the utmost seriousness. Part of my duties that I accepted upon being sworn into office was to protect the rights provided to all of us, in the Constitution. One of those enumerated rights is the right of the people to keep and bear arms provided under the 2nd amendment.
The right to keep and bear arms for defense of life, liberty and property is regarded as an inalienable right by the people.
I, among many others, believe that HB 5471 is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.
Therefore, as the custodian of the jail and chief law enforcement official for Kankakee County, that neither myself nor my office will be checking to ensure that lawful gun owners register their weapons with the State, nor will we be arresting or housing law abiding individuals that have been charged solely with non-compliance of this Act.
-Sheriff Mike Downey

Tim and Frank and Adam with a mess of crappies we got from Clinton Lake on Dec 7. Fishing with guide Trent Trudeau.

Dennis Rettke

Took this deer on Friday morning at 7:15am, not sure if he hit it with that stick or used a shotgun, in any case congratulations.

John Martin

Took this deer on Sat evening 11/19, had his grandson haul it out for him, congratulations.

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