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Xline Sportsmans Club

P.O. Box 846  

Kankakee, IL 60901


Some real nice deer taken this year by John Martin, Leroy Smith and Steve Keys.  Leroy Smiths grandson, 7 years old, hunting with Leroy and Joe and his son.

The December general meeting was the wild game dinner and swap nite. Everything turned out great, lots of wild game to pass around, lots of appetizers, desserts, salads and plenty to drink at the bar. Plenty of guys selling and buying items they did not want anymore, some really good bargains. It was a good turnout, around 65 people.

Today, (01/17/2019) Governor J.B. Pritzker signed Senate Bill 337 into law.  Passed by the previous legislature in 2018, SB 337 will establish a firearm registry and shut down your local gun stores with government red tape.


If you do not bother to vote or you voted for Pritzger or any other Illinois legislative democrat, you helped to make this happen. The people of Illinois just lost 2nd Amendment rights.

Hunters may welcome the addition of new rules concerning deer hunting in Illinois beginning Jan 1, 2019, in addition to blaze orange clothing, hunters may use blaze pink. Nordstroms has a full line of clothing for the well dressed hunter. Also new rules concerning poaching of antlered deer, massive fines going into the thousands of dollars, every point on the antlers costing $500 to $750 plus $1000 for the animal. Details at the DNR website.

Sporting clays is going to winter schedule, open on 11/5  & 12; sunday 11/25 and monday 12/3 & 10.

The yearly membership fee's are due by Dec 31, 2018, cost is $160 for renewal. Please send in a check, money order or come pay at a general meeting.         Mailing address....

                      Xline Sportsmans Club

                      P.O. Box 846  

                      Kankakee, IL 60901


Hunters in Illinois Harvested 80,896 Deer During the 2018 Firearm Season, see this link for the details of county, 1st/2nd season and previous year. IDNR link