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XSC Rifle / Pistol ranges are for Members Only

This PDF file (just click on it) is a target stand plan that is cheap, simple to build, portable and works well on our range.

Rifle and Pistol Range Rules

  • Respect and be courteous to other people on the range

  • The rifle and pistol range is for members and members guests only.

  • Membership ID card must be displayed and in clear sight when on the range.

  • Guests must always be accompanied by a member.

  • All members and guests must sign in.

  • Everyone on the range must use eye and ear protection.

  • Clean up all targets and shell casings after use.

  • Leave the range cleaner than you found it.

  • Always display the red flag when shooting.

  • Never fire at anything that will explode (e.g. spray cans, propane bottles), its dangerous and it may get you thrown out of the club.

  • Plastic jugs filled with water, trap clays and bowling pins are ok, make sure you clean it up though

  • Never shoot at anything made of glass, ceramic or reactive / exploding targets.

  • Never shoot at target holders / stands on purpose

  • Metal targets are NOT allowed

  • Target holders should be placed in a non-grassy area or the target closet when finished so the mowing crew volunteers can cut the grass

  • Be cautious of your bullet flight path, make sure a dirt berm (NOT the sky or ground) is directly behind your target.

  • Never place targets of any type on top of the dirt berms

  • No shooting before 9am or after dark

  • Absolutely NO automatic weapons, this includes bump and slide fire stocks. It is agains't Xline Rules. We do not care if you can legally own it, do not have them on our property.


target stand plan

Vandalism and/or destruction of Xline Sportsmen Club property may result in expulsion from the club and/or criminal prosecution.


Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction

Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

Keep the gun unloaded until ready to use

Know your target and whats beyond it


Old rules / prior to 10/14/2017

effective 10/14/2017