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Some real nice deer taken recently by John Martin, Leroy Smith, Robert Anderson Jr. and Steve Keys.  Leroy Smiths grandson, 7 years old, hunting with Leroy and Joe and his son. Bruno Parzych with a 8.6 lb FL bass. 2 photos are of the Chip & Crack league. Lincoln Skutt with a nice catfish. Some kid fishing who stole John Martins hat and Jeff with a real nice buck.

2nd Amendment News

I found a link to firearm restrictions in IL and specific counties and cities. Counties and cities which are different than IL in general are Cook county, Chicago, Aurora and Highland Park. This link spells out the restrictions:

"The 2nd Amendment does not grant us the right to bear arms. The 2nd Amendment denies the government the authority to infringe upon our right to bear arms."

I was sent some pictures from the October Xline Action Pistol Shoot. The pictures showed Jerry McDowell who runs the shoot getting what I can only assume is a laser carving in appreciation for the many years of work he has done at the shoots, Congratulations Jerry and Thank You. I would also like to thank Jerry, Rhino, Ben, Steve, Jackie for the improvements and repairs made to the rifle range this year and my thanks to anyone I may have missed also.

The 40th district now has a new state senator eff. Nov 8, 2019, he is Patrick Joyce, democrat, appointed by a 5 member committee who were all democrats and one was his cousin Richard Joyce. Our former state senator Toi Hutchinson quit to become the IL marijuana czar under J. Pritzker. Patrick Joyce stated he wants the state to combat global warming and blames President Trump of ignoring the problem.

The first Action Pistol match is scheduled for May 17, the April match is cancelled.