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XSC Rifle / Pistol ranges are for Members Only

Benefit Shotgun Shoots

Phone numbers   Club:815-932-0877   Jacks cell: 815-295-1194

Jacks home: 815-937-4881


All of this trap shooting is open to the public, come and shoot, bring your gun, ammo, (7- 9 shot shotgun loads), eye and ear protection

X-Line shotgun club will host a fundraiser for Boy Scout troop 319 on Sunday 4/23;

click HERE for the PDF forms and info


Autism Art therapy has been rescheduled to May 28;


AmVet post 107 shoot for the Vets 5/21;


Merchant Street Art Gallery {Autistic Artistes} 6/25.


We will also host a Sporting clays fundraiser for “Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Sunday 10/8/17.