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XSC Rifle / Pistol ranges are for Members Only

Action Pistol







All matches start after 9am.   The April and May 2020 matches are cancelled.


Eye and ear protection is required for ALL participants and spectators…NO EXCEPTIONS!


The June and November matches will be 3-gun matches. You will need a 20 or 12 gauge shotgun, a centerfire rifle and the handgun or pistol caliber carbine of your choice, along with at least 25rds of ammo for the shotgun (birdshot works well…NO SLUGS or STEEL SHOT IS ALLOWED), 10rds of ammo for the rifle (NO STEEL TIPPED/CORE AMMO ALLOWED) and at least 50rds of ammo for the pistol/pistol caliber carbine, along with a sufficient number of magazines or speedloaders.


The rest of the matches during the year will be shot with either a handgun, pistol caliber carbine or a combination of shotgun and pistol/pistol caliber carbine. You will also need a holster and magazine pouches or speedloader holders.


Matches are open to the shooting public only.