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Some real nice deer taken by John Martin, Leroy Smith, Robert Anderson Jr. and Steve Keys.  Leroy Smiths grandson, 7 years old, hunting with Leroy and Joe and his son. Bruno Parzych with a 8.6 lb FL bass. 2 photos are of the Chip & Crack league. Lincoln Skutt with a nice catfish. Some kid fishing who stole John Martins hat and Jeff with a real nice buck. Plus James Lopez with a 8.5 lb bass caught in IN. Last 5 are of Stan, Brandon and Stacie with some nice catfish. Bruno with a nice antelope.

"The 2nd Amendment does not grant us the right to bear arms. The 2nd Amendment denies the government the authority to infringe upon our right to bear arms."

The XlineSC pond is getting a lot of plant buildup so we are going to treat it with copper sulfate. Approximately one third of the pond shoreline area will be treated.  Leroy and the pond crew also removed a lot of plants by hand, thanks Leroy.

1st 2 photos below are of the Chip and Crack team led by Jack. They were in Peoria competing in a trap shooting event and did very well. Congrats to the Chip and Crack team.


Next 3 photos are of Rory Serafini helping a group of Paralyzed Veterans shoot Sporting Clays at X Line Shotgun Club on Thursday afternoon 8/20.