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Some real nice deer taken this year by John Martin, Leroy Smith, Robert Anderson Jr. and Steve Keys.  Leroy Smiths grandson, 7 years old, hunting with Leroy and Joe and his son. Bruno Parzych with a 8.6 lb FL bass. Last 2 photos are of the Chip & Crack league for kids on Saturday

Some news in the Daily Journal about the meetings in Kankakee County to adopt a resolution to protect the 2nd Amendment.       Click Here

2nd Amendment News

Member Matt Wehland is conducting conceal carry classes in the Manteno area, his email address is

Info sent to me by VOTE SMART

Tells me we as gun owners need to vote in every election


Dear Timothy,


In every major election since 1992, Vote Smart has measured all candidates' positions on major issues, including gun control.


Over the past eight years, support for gun control measures among federal candidates nationally has steadily increased to just over the 50% mark.


In the 2010 congressional elections, 35.6% of all candidates supported gun control legislation. That percentage rose to 54.5% of candidates supporting gun control legislation in the 2018 congressional elections.


Democratic candidates' support for gun control legislation has risen substantially, now approaching the 100% mark (69.1% in 2010 to 96.0% in 2018). In the same time period, Republican candidates' opposition has remained virtually the same, with only 8.6% in 2010 to 9.2% in 2018 supporting such legislation.