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Manteno Veterans Home luncheon at the club is on Feb 4, starts at 9am, come out to help if you can.

The 2015 Chili Cook-Off will be on March 15.Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Make your best 2 gallons of chili. Chili to be served at noon along with hot dogs and such. Chili to be cooked outside and on your own cooking apparatus.

The board has granted an extra month to pay the membership dues, if you have not paid, please send them in immediately or show up at the general meeting on 01/26 Monday to pay. Cash, check or money order for $160.00

New Conservation Laws in 2015 XLINE Members may be interested in

SB 3049 Apex predators: Mountain lions, American black bears and gray wolves brought under protection of Illinois Wildlife Code. It is illegal to shoot one of these animals unless there is an imminent threat to lives or property. It is illegal to shoot a gray wolf under any circumstances under endangered species law.

HB 4329 Hunting & Fishing Licenses Fees for Resident Seniors: Provides that the fee for all sport fishing licenses shall be $1 and salmon stamps & inland trout stamps shall be waived for residents over 75 years old. Provides that the fee for a hunting license shall be $1 and State Migratory Waterfowl Stamps & State Habitat Stamps shall be waived for residents over 75 years old.

HB 4277 Blind and Disabled Anglers: Allows blind or disabled anglers to fish with commercial fishing equipment without holding a sport fishing license.

SB 902 Herptile Act: Consolidates regulations regarding amphibians and reptiles into one code.

HB 5869 Nuisance Organisms: Provides that the release of aquatic life in Illinois without first securing permission from IDNR is a Class B misdemeanor.

SB 3434 Watercraft seizure: This measure allows for the seizure of watercraft used in commission of certain offenses related to OUI.

SB 3433 Boating Education: Requires persons born after Jan. 1, 1998 to take and pass a boating safety class.

SB 2731 Boating Safety: Mandates operator of a watercraft towing a skier or tuber to display a bright orange

HB 5514 Trapping Rules: Allows trapped animals to be removed from the trap with a firearm, pistol or air gun
with a caliber not larger than a .22 long rifle.

HB 5080 Waterfowl Outfitter Permit: Establishes the waterfowl outfitter permit. Annual fee for residents is
$1,000 and for non-residents it is $2,500.

RASK Leather Works
Specializing in custom knife sheaths, belts and holsters. No job too small. Call Robert in Joliet at 815-260-9133

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